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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Radiation Therapy Finished For Mary Ann

I finally finished my chemo/radiation regimen on Wednesday, August 25. But over the last few weeks I've been feeling some effects from it. I'm very tired, sleep a lot, and do not feel much like eating as my stomach is hurting so much. I hope that goes away soon. It's really a pain in my stomach, not intestines, and I'm a bit nauseous, but not sick. It doesn't last all day, just comes and goes depending on when and what I eat. And I've been really depressed because one of the ladies I met when I started doing chemo passed away Saturday the 21st. I had just seen her the Wed. before. I don't know what happened. She had inoperable pancreatic cancer, but I didn't think she was in danger of dying. The nurse at the oncology office couldn't believe it either, it was such a shock.

Yes, the chemo/radiation wasn't really bad except for the daily trip to get it and the pump and line in my arm 24/7. I am so glad to be rid of those but will miss my nice nurses at the radiation office. After that it was a trip to the oncology office in Newport News to get the pack and line out. They took the bandages off (they were replaced weekly) and my arm looked like I had chicken pox. It itched a lot under the dressing and you could see I was having some sort of allergic reaction to it, so I am glad that was the last of it. They took the pick line out then too. I didn't even feel it. The area is healing okay, but still itches even 5 days later. I'm still feeling some of the effects but in the next week or so things should improve. I'll have blood work done and another cat scan in 6 weeks. I am not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. So keep thinking good thoughts for me.

Thanks again for all of your love, prayers, support, concern and just being there for me. You certainly lifted my spirits in so many ways and I am more than grateful and very blessed.

Have a great Labor Day celebration and upcoming fall! You know I'll keep in touch.

Hugs and kisses,

Mary Ann and Eric

......this does not give license to slow down on the prayers. Remember, it is PUSH...Pray Until Something Happens. The happening we want is a completely clean bill of health. Bill

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