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Friday, October 22, 2010

Reynolds (Rey) Becker

Last July Rey visited us for a couple of weeks and he was looking forward to attending the AOM reunion to see many of his old friends. We heard at the reunion that he wasn't able to attend the reunion because of medical problems, so we called him when we got home. He could not make the reunion as he did not have transportation.

For a time Rey had problems swallowing and one night he had to call 911 for emergency treatment. Before they arrived he had passed out and was on the kitchen floor when they did arrive. He had to crawl to the door to let them in the house. Later tests proved that he had a growth in his Esophagus and that it was cancerous. He had a series of radiation treatments and was feeling like a new person at 90 years of age.

Tuesday night he told us that he was to see the doctor about Chemo treatment, which he was not in favor of experiencing. We called again last night (Wednesday) and he will start his Chemo next Wednesday for four Wednesdays at the lowest grade just to be sure that they have removed the cancer. He will not loose his hair.

He said that he feels great. At his last annual physical the doctor said that he had a very strong and healthy heart.

As we learn more about his treatment, you will be updated.

Don and LaVon DeCrona

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