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In as much as our newsletter is published quarterly, many events arise that need attention now instead of three months from now. To this end, this list is established.

Standing Prayer Requests.

* Those in the military services in harm's way for their safety and safe return.

* Those who have been injured in battle or in support of our troops for their rapid recovery, comfort by the Holy Spirit and peace.

* Our country that it may stand as a bastion of peace, generosity and freedom for the rest of the world.

*Our government that it may govern wisely, lightly and in accordance with the Constitution and the will of the people who lend it some of their power.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Betty Wilson Update 12/2/10

We got a phone call from David, Willy's brother in Cincinnati, with an update on Betty. She is doing well with rehab and is just about weaned from the ventilator. They supplement this with the oxygen tube thing in the nose bit and she is a little more active each day. She is fully coherent and can converse and all her vital signs are strong. She is deeply saddened by Willy's death, of course...says "she wants to go home, but Willy won't be there." The family is not to happy with the hospital and staff where she is. She had one incident where the "call button" on her bed was not working and she could not get anyone to respond until they came in for a medicine round some hours later. I can hear Betty now!!! All in all, the prognosis is good. I don't know if she will be released in time for Christmas, or where she will spend the holidays at this point. I'll keep you updated as I get word. Toby sends.

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