What This List Is All About.

In as much as our newsletter is published quarterly, many events arise that need attention now instead of three months from now. To this end, this list is established.

Standing Prayer Requests.

* Those in the military services in harm's way for their safety and safe return.

* Those who have been injured in battle or in support of our troops for their rapid recovery, comfort by the Holy Spirit and peace.

* Our country that it may stand as a bastion of peace, generosity and freedom for the rest of the world.

*Our government that it may govern wisely, lightly and in accordance with the Constitution and the will of the people who lend it some of their power.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cecil Still Needs Prayer

7/27/2011 - "Just wanted to give you an update on my dad. He is doing
well. Off ventilator, eating & drinking a little. Had him sitting up
in a chair for about an 1.5 hours this morning. Left the hospital for
a while this afternoon so he could get some rest, he was pretty tired
from sitting up for so long. I will relay all your messages to him."

7/30/2011 - "Just wanted to give everyone an update on my dad. He had
a pretty rough day on Friday. Having issues with swallowing due to
ventilator. He was having difficulty with trying to take all the
pills they were giving him. They did a swallow test on him and he
failed it so, they decided to put in a feeding tube through his nose.
Unfortunately, this proved to be quite difficult. He kept telling
them that they would not be able to get it done without knocking him
out. After 4 attempts, they finally had to knock him out to get it in
with the help of a camera. He wanted them to give him a feeding tube
through his stomach, like he had with his throat cancer. We're just
waiting until Monday when all the doctors come back in to see what
they are going to do.

Regina Martin Leuck, Cecil
Martin's Daughter

This is no time to slack up on knee time. Bill

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