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In as much as our newsletter is published quarterly, many events arise that need attention now instead of three months from now. To this end, this list is established.

Standing Prayer Requests.

* Those in the military services in harm's way for their safety and safe return.

* Those who have been injured in battle or in support of our troops for their rapid recovery, comfort by the Holy Spirit and peace.

* Our country that it may stand as a bastion of peace, generosity and freedom for the rest of the world.

*Our government that it may govern wisely, lightly and in accordance with the Constitution and the will of the people who lend it some of their power.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Matt Lathrop

I am profoundly appreciative for what you do for AOM. I would like for you to somehow add a few lines on the prayer blog for Matt Lathrop. This is an excerpt from the letter he recently wrote:

.... Myself, a relatively young veteran Navy 78-90, Guard 91-97. Just have finished my fourth service connected surgery in 20 month's ten days ago. Back on active duty Charlie Humbard (Wayne Epps little brother) and Dean Fauber, helped me get along when both my hands were in cast for about six month's. How could a Mineman do his job with both hand's casted. What a site and a challenge for all. Other times different injuries not only to myself but with other too. Coworkers who had emotional, family, substance abuse, work environment, finance, generally other issues were in need of brotherly help. We came together as brothers and sisters to lend a hand. Most Det.'s then were 15 to 30 people. Small enough to care and help each other. Right now I am recovering from surgery where some metal that's been in my right hand since 1981 at Det. 01. VA removed the damaged bone from my wrist. As I look back with my current cast on that right arm. I look back at Charlie and Dean's brotherly help and concern for a young twenty year old kid. Sent back to Det. 01
with two casts on his arms. It was there soon after I helped to avert a shipmat'se attempted suicide in our storage yard. He had just cut his arm(s) and wrist(s) with a box knife. Me, well he chased me in his frustration trying to cut me too when I tried to get the box knife from him. The guys in the Production deck wrestled him down, saving his life. So each Det. or Group for a season or time become brothers with "philios" toward each other.....

Matt is a believer in Christ and his letter to me made a big impact. If you can find the right words for the Prayer Blog I'd appreciate it. This young man really needs to be lifted up to the Lord.


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